The Nail Files: Starry Night

Like I mentioned in my last nail post, I haven’t been able to conquer anything except for dots when attempting nail art.  Well, nothing has changed.  So, dots it is.  I used a deep purple shade as my base and added some little gold “stars” to the side of my nails.  It’s kind of like a little night sky on my fingers.




If you want to try this yourself, it’s pretty easy.  Paint your nails with your base color, and then make a little puddle of your second color on some foil.  Then simply use the tip of a pen and a push pin to create different size dots.  Voila!  Dots.  Again.  That’s all I’ve got folks.  I’ll let you know when I conquer a different shape…  But no promises.




Revlon “Gold Coin” and OPI “Tell Me Moor”


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