Summer Beauty Essentials

Happy first day of summer!  While celebrating the official start of the season and adjusting to this heat wave, I started thinking about my favorite summer beauty products and how my skincare and beauty routine changes a bit in the summer time.  I wear less make-up, make sure my toes are always well manicured and I tend to have more breakouts from sweat and exercising outside.  So, here are my favorite summer beauty must-haves, with some tried and true tips!




Tan Towels


Like most people, I unfortunately don’t have the luxury of spending every sunny day outside or on the beach.  So when I’m trapped indoors, I simply fake it with a tan towel.  These are my favorite brand and the color looks completely natural (not one bit orange!)


Beauty tip: Apply immediately after a shower on clean, dry skin.  Follow with your regular lotion to get it an even application.



Nail Polish

As you know, I have an affinity for well-manicured nails and summer is just an excuse to wear an array of bright colors.  Although I love OPI brand, sometimes I splurge on a fun Deborah Lippmann shade.


Beauty tip:  To get your best nail shape, it should be the same as your cuticles.  Also, filing nails in one direction versus back and forth prevents splitting.




Clarisonic Face Scrubber

Summer means lots of heat and sweat, especially with outdoor activities and working out.  To avoid clogged pores, I use this AMAZING Clarisonic face scrubber.  My mom bought me this gem last Christmas and I just love it.  My face feels clear and extra clean after each use.


Beauty tip:  Only use once a day or else you’ll irritate skin.




Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is a must for summer.  With the heat and humidity, I don’t want my eye makeup running down my face, so I go with waterproof.


Beauty tip:  Double up on your mascaras for extra luscious lashes.  Layer on both a volumizing mascara and a lengthening mascara to make your eyes really pop!



Eye makeup remover

To get off that waterproof mascara, I use Lancome Eye makeup remover.  I haven’t found anything better and it really gets everything off with just one cotton ball.


Beauty tip:  Having trouble getting mascara “gunk” off your eyes?  Try a little swipe of Vaseline.



Foot Scrub

Summer time obviously means sandal season, so I am sure to always have well manicured toes.  I use this Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer to keep my feet nice and smooth.


Beauty tip:  Soak feet in warm water before scrubbing to get the best scrubbing results!


What are your summer beauty essentials?  Any amazing tried and true tips to share?

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