Love to be In Style

Each month when I get my copy of InStyle in the mail, I pour over the pages looking for new outfit inspiration, trends and beauty ideas to try for myself.  I am constantly encouraged to try new color combinations and patterns and am reinventing my wardrobe with ideas inspired by the magazine.  So, when one of my looks was featured in the October 2011 issue, I was completely thrilled and shocked.  It was wonderful to feel like my passion for fashion was recognized by a publication that I love and look forward to reading.

Once again, I was delighted and humbled to be selected for the April 2012 issue showing some of my InStyle inspired looks.  Nothing is worse than not knowing what to wear at the last minute, so I always feel more confident and relaxed when I know what to wear ahead of time.  So, my sincerest thanks go out to InStyle for encouraging me to reinvent my wardrobe and recognizing my love for fashion and shoes.  J

5 thoughts on “Love to be In Style

  1. following your blog after seeing you in InStyle! Where did you find the white lace pencil skirt they feature as one of your 5 best looks? I'm looking for one!

  2. Hi Kelly! Thanks for checking out my blog. I got that skirt last year from Talbots Petites. They have a similar one right now if you look at their skirts online. All the best!

  3. Hi Jaclyn! I saw the blurb about you in InStyle, and I LOVE your blog! Where did you get the top and cardigan in the first look pictured? The combo looks great!

  4. Thanks for following my blog! Both the shirt and sweater in the first look are from Ann Taylor (different seasons). Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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