How To: The Perfect French Mani

For as long as I can remember I’ve had an affinity for well-manicured nails.  I love changing my nail color a couple times a week and one little chip will drive me nuts.  Although I love the look of a clean French manicure, I don’t want to fork over the money every time I want that professional look.  Since I am not steady enough to free-hand a French, I found an easy was to use office supplies as a guide. 



All you need for this at-home French manicure are hole punch reinforcer stickers.  Simply place the sticker on your nail where you want your French mani line.  Then add two coats of white or your favorite shade (I took a risk with yellow here).  Finally, once dry, simply peel away the sticker, clean up any smears with a Q-tip and polish remover, add a top cot and voila!  The perfect French mani!





Two more shades I love for summer… 


Essie – “Pretty Edgy” (currently on my toes!)



Essie – “Coral Reef” (for vacation!)



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