Hat Trick

Have I ever mentioned I love hats?  Well, I do.  That being said, I hardly ever wear them.  Unless it’s snowing out, I never quite know when they are appropriate and I feel slightly self-conscious, like people are staring at me and thinking “Look at that girl in the hat.”  (Big fears here).  Anyway, I recently saw this hat at Ann Taylor and had to have it.  It’s simply perfect for a windy fall day, a brisk walk through the city streets or day at the park.  And is there really a reason to be self-conscious in such a fabulous hat?  Nope.






Hat:  Ann Taylor

Blouse:  Ann Taylor

Skirt:  Ann Taylor

Clutch:  Ann Taylor (similar)

Heels:  Guess


p.s.  I love this skirt.  Here is 3 ways I’ve worn it…


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