Daily Shoe in Snap Shots

I’m back to traveling again, so I spent part of my week at home and the rest in beautiful Chicago.

Want to know how “Daily Shoe in Snap Shots” started?  Back in April I noticed that when I pass people by, they are often staring at my feet.  At first I thought I should be offended at this and yell “Hey, I’m up here!” but I just take it as a compliment.  They are simply staring at my shoes.  So, I thought why not celebrate my large collection of fabulous footwear?  And so, “Daily Shoe in Snap Shots” was born!

In case you’re not an Instagram user yet, here’s what I’ve been snapping away on my phone this week and posting to Twitter.


Monday, June 4th

What:  Ann Taylor Pointed Toe Heels

Where:  Day at the office




Tuesday, June 5th

What:  J.Crew Heels

Where:  Day at the office





Wednesday, June 6th

What: Nine West via TJ Maxx Peeptoe Pumps

Where:  Day of meetings



Thursday, June 7th

What:  Tory Burch flats

Where:  Flight to Chicago



Friday, June 8th

What: Tory Burch sandals

Where: Day in Chicago




Saturday, June 9th

What:  Tory Burch sandals – Shoe repeat!

Where:  Street fest in Chicago




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