Daily Shoe in Snap Shots

This past week simply flew by.  We’ve entered my favorite month, October, and I’m loving the amazing colors and falling leaves.  I’ve also started bringing out my fall boots and booties, so I feel like I have a whole new shoe wardrobe!  Here are all the shoes I wore this week and the places they took me…




Monday, October 1st

What:  Guess Heels

Where:  Day at the office




Tuesday, October 2nd

What:  Tory Burch Flats

Where:  Meeting




Wednesday, October 3rd

What:  Civico 10 Pumps

Where:  Day at the office and flight to Virginia




Thursday, October 4th

What:  Ann Taylor Flats (similar)

Where:  Meeting and flight home




Friday, October 5th

What:  Born Boots

Where:  Day at the office




Saturday, October 6th

What:  Ann Taylor Booties

Where:  Fundraiser Event

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